Bringing you a unique gardening experience

We're homegrown hobbyist committed to helping you produce high-quality edibles for your urban garden in a sustainable manner. We specialise in exotic, rare varieties that are difficult to find anywhere else. Check out our shop to add a little spice to your garden today!


Our seeds are sourced from all around the world, and each individual batch is tested to verify that they meet our stringent germination standards! 

Next, we carefully package and store our seeds in a dry, cold and dark environment to lock in the freshness. Each and every packet of seed has a 'best before' date assigned. Ready for shipping to you!


We carry rare types of chillies, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers and herbs. We're passionate in sourcing for plants that are suitable for tropical city-life in Singapore, such as dwarf varieties and those that do well in hot and humid weather.