A guide to pot transplanting

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Transplanting your favourite plant to a bigger pot for the first time can be a little scary and overwhelming. We've put together a step-by-step guide to help you through this process. Trust us, it'll be as simple as ABC once you're through!

What You Need:

  • Your plant (ideally it should have roots coming out of the bottom of the pot)

  • A larger pot

  • Water

  • Container and spade for mixing

  • Potting mix (50% potting soil, 20% compost, 20% perlite, 10% cocopeat)

Step 1: Moisten your plant's soil and the potting mix

It's important to ensure that your plant's original soil is moist (not overly wet or dry) so that it slides out easily from it's pot. If it is too dry, the roots will not be able to hold on to the dry soil. Not only will there be a big mess on your floor, but the roots will be disturbed - we want to be as gentle as possible to minimise transplant shock.

Step 2: Pre filling the new pot

Place your plant inside the new pot to get a feel on how much potting mix is needed. Try to ensure that the potting mix will cover the stem up to the first set of leaves - new roots will grow out from the stem and create a stronger root system. Then, fill the new pot with the mix.

Step 3: Removing the plant from it's original pot

Now, this is the most stressful part! Not to worry, if your plant is ready for a transplant (roots coming out from the bottom of the pot), this part will be pretty easy. Hold the pot horizontally and gently squeeze the pot with one hand, while the other hand is positioned at the stem, ready to catch the rootball. The rootball should slide out onto your palm easily.

Step 4: Place the plant into the new pot

Place the plant gently into the centre of the pre-filled new pot. Cover with the rest of the potting mix and water. You're done! To help minimise transplant shock, place the plant in an area that receives indirect sunlight for 1-2 days, and keep the plant's medium moist (not soaking wet!).

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening :)

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