The Wriggley Farm (Who we are!)

Hi, Fellow Wrigglers!

It has actually been one year since Wriggley started in early 2020 and we're glad to see many of our plant varieties successfully growing into beautiful young plants under all of your capable hands. It was never going to be a smooth journey in Singapore given that our tropical climate is ideal for the manifestation of plant pests such as aphids, whiteflies and other creatures that we would rather not have to deal with. But it is extremely fulfilling to receive pictures and news of successful grows by fellow Wrigglers such as yourselves!

Blue Star Borage

Seeing how our community have grown, we thought we'd give an insight into what inspired The Wriggley Farm.

1) The Beginning

We first started out in the United Kingdom (UK) where we were exposed to a variety of rare plants that is not readily available in Singapore. In the UK, we had the luxury to try and experiment with inexpensive, high-quality seeds that have germination rates of at least 80%.

What initially started out as a hobby turned into a healthy obsession with non-stop experimentation of growing plants with different soil mixes, natural light vs grow light, normal compost vs vermicompost and a bunch of other strange stuff that gardeners do! The only frustration was the lack of warmth and sunlight that results in extremely slow plant growth and we always dream about the day when we would come back to Singapore where warmth and sunlight are abundant. Surely, it would be like Plants on Steroids!

We also started our own worm bin that produces high-quality vermicompost that helped our plants grow strong and healthy. Besides producing black gold, our little friends also helped reduce a huge amount of paper and food waste. It never fails to shock me how much they eat!

PS: the worm bin is still very much alive somewhere in the North of England in the good hands of a good friend of ours. They still say hello through him from time to time

2) Back to Singapore

Upon our return to Singapore in 2018, it was immediately apparent that the varieties of plants that we grew in the UK are not readily available in Singapore.

However, we managed to obtain multiple rare plant varieties either via our UK suppliers via online or by purchasing from them in person whenever we travelled overseas. These were relatively expensive due to the higher shipping cost. Alternatively, travelling to the UK for the sole purpose of buying rare seeds was simply not a feasible plan for us. Nevertheless, we managed to acquire the seeds that we wanted and it was an exciting journey to grow them back home in Singapore.

When we first grew our plants, we were extremely thrilled by how fast they grow given the warmth and adequate sunlight available in Singapore. Our excitement was shortlived once we discovered that the tropical climate was accompanied by a myriad of plant-damaging pests that would require constant active control. A two-week lapse of discipline in doing your daily plant checks for pests could result in a full-on infestation that would result in the demise of our poor plant.

It was then apparent to us that the supply of seeds that we have may not be sufficient as the plants would eventually die once overwhelmed by pests. As procuring rare seeds is relatively expensive, we needed a more cost-effective method to feed our love (or desire) for plants.

This drove us to find ways to generate high-quality seeds that can be stored away for an extended period without affecting their lifespan. These methods have proved to be not only fulfilling but effective at achieving our intended target!

  1. Reproducing high-quality seeds

  2. Storing them for an extended period

3) Share the love

Over the past two years, we have grown multiple varieties of plants and harvested their seeds to ensure a continuous supply of plant seeds for the years to come. Knowing that we can continue to keep our garden full of healthy plants despite the periodic pests attack (attributed to lapses of plant inspection) gives us a sense of satisfaction that we would like to share with all of the plant lovers and urban gardeners out there. And this was the inspiration the led to the creation of The Wriggley Farm in early 2020.

At The Wriggley Farm, we intend to provide three main things:

  1. Access for individuals to obtain high-quality seeds

  2. Sustainability for individuals to continuously grow the plants that they love

  3. Knowledge and appreciation of plant biodiversity to help you grow your urban garden!

These were the three key factors the inspired us to create this channel as an engagement platform that would enable for every Wriggler out there to have their fair share of fulfilment by growing the plants they love.

In the few upcoming articles, we will talk about how we harvest our seeds and store them so that you too can have a stream of plant seeds for your future usage!

Do let us know if there are specific items that you would like us to talk about!

Stay Wriggley!

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