Cinnamon Basil, 50 seeds

Cinnamon basil has a lovely sweet and spicy aroma, thanks to the plant containing a compound called cinnamite. Use it as a garnish for culinary dishes or to flavour hot drinks.


Harvest regularly to encourage bushy growth, and fertiliser sparingly (too much will reduce the fragrance of the leaves). Keep well watered and in partial-full sun. This variety flowers later than other basils so you can enjoy the leaves for longer!


Germination: 10-14 days under ideal conditions. 

Best before date: Dec 2021


Check out our seed germination guide here:

Cinnamon Basil, 50 seeds

    • Full/partial sun (minimum 6 hours daily)
    • Well draining, organic medium
    • Moderate fertiliser schedule (half strength, once every 2 weeks)