'Court Jester' French Marigold, 30 seeds

Dazzle your friends and family with this attractive plant that produces strikingly beautiful red and yellow striped flowers. It tolerates heat well and blooms continuously for a long time - a great choice for container gardening! Plant them next to your edible plants as the heavily scented flowers has an insect repellent effect. 


Germination: 5-14 days under ideal conditions.

Best before date: Dec 2021


Check out our seed germination guide here: https://www.thewriggleyfarm.sg/post/seed-germination-tips

'Court Jester' French Marigold, 30 seeds

    • Full sun (minimum 4 hours)
    • Fertilise sparingly with diluted solution
    • Well-draining medium with plenty of organic material
    • Deadhead flower regularly to encourage new flower production
    • Control spider mites using a soap spray/organic pesticide