Cucamelon, 10 seeds

Originating in Mexico and related to the cucumber, the Cucamelon or "mouse melon" is a unique fruit that looks like a tiny little watermelon! However, it tastes like a cucumber with a bit of a zesty tang. Great for popping into salad or as a healthy snack. 70 days to fruit.


Germination: 3-7 days under ideal conditions

Best before date: Dec 2022


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Cucamelon, 10 seeds

    • Full sun (minimum is 6 hours daily)
    • Moderately fertile - cucamelon can thrive under resource-poor conditions
    • Well-draining medium, mixed with plenty of perlite to increase drainage. Cucamelon is prone to root rot.
    • Cucamelon is quite hardy against pests but do watch out for mealies and aphids. Always check the stems and the underside of leaves regularly and use organic pesticides to keep them in check.
    • Provide support as Cucamelon is a climbing plant.