Fidalga Roxa Pepper, 10 seeds

The prettiest pepper we have ever grown, in both the colour of the fruits and the absolutely stunning foliage! The leaves are green and dark purple, and dark purple stems bear many 2cm lantern-shaped purplish-pink fruits. These pepper defy the normal rules of chilli ripening - they start off dark purple (almost black) and slowly change to a neon purple, before finally turning candy-pink when fully ripe. These plants grow tall (1-2m) and are very productive.


These pods are medium hot (60-80,000 on the scoville scale), and have a very unusual, perfume-like flavour. We have tasted and seen nothing like it!


Germination: 10-20 days under ideal conditions.

Best before date: Dec 2021


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Fidalga Roxa Pepper, 10 seeds