Purple White Top Globe Turnip, 50 seeds

This pretty looking turnip is purple on top and white on the bottom. The turnip is fine-grained and mild tasting, and the greens can also be eaten. A great all-rounded fruit! More of a cool weather crop and would do better indoors in our tropical climate. 55 days to harvest.


Germination: 5-10 days under ideal conditions.

Best before date: Dec 2022


Check out our seed germination guide here: https://www.thewriggleyfarm.sg/post/seed-germination-tips

Purple White Top Globe Turnip, 50 seeds

    • Full/partial sun (minimum is 4 hours daily)
    • Moderately fertile - does ok in nutrient poor soils but will benefit from some regular fertiliser
    • Well-draining medium with plenty of organic material 
    • Mostly pest hardy, but do check for mealies and aphids on the leaves and stems regularly.