Santa Fe Grande Chilli, 15 seeds

Santa fe grande produces conical shaped fruits that are normally harvested young (yellow). They start off white, then yellow and turn bright red when left to ripen. This quick and profilic producer often turns out to be a very attractive looking plant.


Flavour profile:

Sweet, a little smokey and mildly spicy [scoville unit: 500-800]. These thick-walled chillies are great for pizza toppings, salsa and pizza poppers (stuffed with cheese!). It's slightly smokey flavour pairs well with BBQ meats. Use them fresh, grilled or in a hot sauce/salsa.


Best before date: Dec 2022


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Santa Fe Grande Chilli, 15 seeds

    • Full sun (minimum is 4 hours daily)
    • Regular feeding
    • Moderately well-draining medium
    • Pest management - whitefly, broadmites and aphids